Millions of people delve into blogs every day with the hopes of being entertained, inspired, or informed. With so many blog columns on the internet, readers narrow down their choices based on small but powerful details, such as image quality and page layout.

Here at SEMGeeks, we read a lot of blogs! Below are ten of the most visually attractive blogs that we’ve come across and why they make our eyes sparkle.

1. 500px

You would think that a photography blog would automatically be in the top rankings, but it’s harder than you think. We’ve come across many photography blogs that are messy, cluttered, and distracting. 500px gets it right. The images are stunning and there’s a ton of great information on photography.

2. Goodwill Industries

Nonprofits have the potential to launch outstanding blogs. Not only do they keep people updated on the latest news but also share personal stories that touch the heart. The Goodwill Blog is an informative, inspiring column that features a ton of great content. With clean, colorful, and organized boxes, you can dig into any topics you wish.

3. Kraft in the Kitchen

Whether you love food or you don’t, everyone needs to eat. That’s what makes Kraft in the Kitchen a delicious blog to follow! Unlike other recipe blogs that are difficult to navigate – and contain way more storytelling than necessary to make an omelet – the Kraft blog is effortless. It features a ton of mouth-watering pictures and featured posts with visible share buttons.

4. HomeGoods designHAPPY

HomeGoods sells all types of home decor, especially those interesting gadgets that you didn’t know you needed – but now you do. The brand’s designHAPPY blog is just as awesome as their stores. We love the colors, the original photography, and the Reader’s Favorites posted on the right hand side. It’s a great place for ideas and inspiration through all seasons!

5. Zillow Porchlight

Zillow’s blog, Zillow Porchlight, appeals to practically anyone who lives in a house, apartment or condo – or plans to one day. The blog is clean and uncluttered, featuring a hamburger button and search option at the top and three featured posts above the fold. The blog then continues with trending stories all regarding real estate, with plenty of supporting statistics.

6. Microsoft Story Labs

As many of us know, Microsoft and Apple are pleasant rivalries. Over the years, Microsoft has worked hard to humanize their brand. This blog is one example. Not only is there beautiful imagery but also lots of people in the photos! The blog format is also consistent with the square layout of Microsoft’s logo.

7. Mashable

Mashable is a news blog that shares information on various topics such as entertainment, tech, science, business, and more. To keep all of this info sorted, the blog divides the content into columns: What’s New, What’s Rising, and What’s Hot. This way, you can come to the site and get the most important headlines quickly.

8. PetSmart Learning Center

Whether you have an 80-lb lab or a tiny goldfish at home, the PetSmart Learning Center blog is filled with great reads on pet ownership. Above the fold, you can choose which pet you want to know more about – in picture form. We think that’s cool! The rest of the blog is tidy and consistent, with charming photography.

9. Webdesigner Depot

One would assume that with a name like Webdesigner Depot, the design would be great. And it is. From the moment you land on this blog, your eyes are treated to expansive topics such as web development, social media, branding, and more. To filter your results, click on the Blogs pull-down column and choose your topic. Or, have fun browsing through the blog to find articles that speak to you.

10. Fubiz Media

Fubiz has a more interactive blog than some of the others we’ve listed. As you scroll over the images, you’ll notice visual effects, and all of the blogs are labeled with color-coded boxes. Another aspect of this blog that we love is that it has room for customization. Visitors can choose their persona and have hand-picked content delivered right to them.

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 list of beautifully designed blogs. Explore them to find inspiring ideas for your own work!