They say that all press is good press. The same is more or less true for search engine results. 

While we’re not suggesting you generate a scandal so newsworthy your company turns up on page 1, just about anything you can do to fine-tune your SEO strategy can pay off in the long run.

Beyond creating content around relevant SEO keywords, what can you do to uplevel your strategy in 2021? Below, we’ll go over 10 actionable tips for driving organic traffic and growing your business.

#1 Implement Technical SEO

If your page is slow to load on mobile devices, users might chalk it up to a buggy WiFi connection. But Google knows your secrets. Its algorithms reward speed, security, and straightforward page locations.

To ensure the backend of your website doesn’t sink your search results:

  • Optimize your pages for desktop and mobile devices
  • Make sure all pages load on HTTPS to improve security
  • Create an SEO sitemap and simplify your site’s organization

#2 Revise Titles and Descriptions

Some technical SEO projects are easy to complete without talking to an engineer.

Basic web editing tools allow you to modify your pages’ titles and meta descriptions to perform better in SEO rankings. Simply include relevant keywords in both places.

#3 Show Up In Local Results

When adding meta descriptions, consider adding local keywords. Google wants to connect people to local small businesses—but the algorithms can only boost your page in local search results if they know where you’re located!

Techniques include:

  • Claim your Google Business Page
  • Research local search trends and analyze competitors’ pages
  • Make sure your name, address, and phone number are consistent across the web

#4 Optimize Your Landing Pages

When working with influencers or placing ads, consider where links should land. Users who arrive at your homepage may be less likely to make a purchase than those who arrive at product pages with clear CTAs.

#5 Link Internally

Boost your domain authority by including internal links on your blog posts. However, avoid linking to the same page twice so that your content doesn’t get flagged as spam.

#6 Diversify Your Backlinks

Do you work with any of the following partners to link to your website?

  • Influencers
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliates

More links to your pages can increase their search rankings. Just be sure that all backlinks come from high-quality platforms. 

#7 Create Topic Clusters

Rather than creating blog posts around keywords alone, figure out the topics that most interest your users (using statistics like dwell time). Then, build content clusters that provide opportunities for building your brand’s credibility while creating internal links.

#8 Target Snippets

Google shows snippets of content that clearly answer FAQs. To show up at the top of a page of search results, write clear, concise answers to long-tail query searches and place them in the introduction of your SEO blog posts.

#9 Optimize Your Images

Images show up at the top of search results. Adding alt text and titles for your site’s images can improve the chances that they show up, directing more users to your page.

#10 Use SEO On YouTube

Likewise, relevant videos can also show up in search results. If you use video marketing, implement SEO in your YouTube descriptions to improve your rankings on YouTube and in search results.

Semgeeks: Taking the Guesswork Out Of Optimization

A successful SEO strategy combines website optimization, keyword research, and readable content. While you might have the in-house talent to try out one or two of the strategies above, there are likely a few that’re out of your wheelhouse.

Seemgeeks is your go-to SEM marketing agency. We have the know-how and enthusiasm to streamline your SEO strategy to draw in more customers and spur your conversions. That way, you can focus on what you do best—building your brand. 


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