With over 500 million active users on Instagram, there’s no question that funny, engaging and brilliant photos are being shared on the network every day – roughly 95 million in fact. Thanks to the sleek filters and simple sharing options, Instagram has become one of the most exciting platforms to post pictures on, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. While filters certainly help to enhance your photos, you’ll never successfully grow your follower base without a dignified strategy that highlights the essence of your brand.

As you walk down Cookman Ave. in the young and thriving town of Asbury Park, you can’t help but notice the booming creativity and life all around you. It was no surprise that the small businesses in this town have taken this creativity and excelled in branding themselves in the digital realm as well.

Though extremely difficult, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 picks for the best Instagram profiles in Asbury Park to inspire you.

Red Moon

Red Moon makes great use of whitespace and owns the minimalist vibe by keeping its photos simple yet structured. Featuring skincare, jewelry, flowers and other handmade products, we love that its images are bright and feminine with infusions of nature, really speaking to its consumer base.

Lightly Salted

If you need a good laugh, give Lightly Salted a follow! Tapping into the interests of their target audience, NJ surfers, the brand is keen on highlighting the local scene: music, surfboards, swell, fashions, skating, and art. Stop by their profile to check out hilarious photos that range from pics of surfing superheroes to pointing fingers at the kook of the day.

Talula’s Pizza

We’re especially impressed by Talula’s ability to bring their brand to life. Talula’s Instagram profile is stuffed with amazing photos that feature customers, staff,  scrumptious meals and fabulous drinks. Talulas does a fantastic job humanizing their brand while making a visit to their restaurant look fun. After all, who doesn’t love pizza?

Dark City Brewing Company

Dark City Brewing delivers when it comes to freshly brewed craft beer. Taking advantage of local events, seasonal changes and sunny days, their images are clean and modest. They generally feature new craft selections and the foods they pair well with as well as staff and customer highlights.


Interwoven is a lifestyle brand for men and women that does an exceptional job of displaying its clothing and accessories in a minimalistic way. Their images capture minute detail and succeed at hipster appeal. Style, design and fashion inspo are evident within this account. To top if off, their colorful feed and impressive use of angles will keep you scrolling ‘til the end.

Wanderlust Land & Sea

Wanderlust /n./: a strong desire to travel. Wanderlust Land & Sea just sounds magical, doesn’t it? By  All of the photos posted on their Instagram profile stay true to their brand and encourage your mind to wander to far off beachy places. This is another brand that makes an effort to capture the local lifestyle in Asbury Park at the Jersey Shore– its heart and soul.

The Anchor’s Bend

If you want some tasty grub, head over to The Anchor’s Bend – or at least visit their Instagram. It features amazing meals and the fun-loving atmosphere that is family-friendly during the day and energizing at night. We love that just about anyone living near Asbury Park can relate to these photos. They are branded well and high in quality.

Brickwall Tavern

The photos on Brickwall Tavern’s Instagram are truly stunning. They feature plenty of color and texture, which is good considering they’re trying to sell food. We have a feeling that the impressive photography will work in their favor since we can literally see the juices pouring from the burgers and beef sandwiches.

Glide Surf Co.

Glide Surf Co. may be located in Asbury Park, but its heart is wherever there’s a mountain to climb or a wave to surf. They tie their Jersey Shore roots into their photos while displaying various perspectives and angles of an active, outdoorsy lifestyle.

Exhibit No. 9

Exhibit No. 9 is all about the arts, so you can expect a brilliantly designed Instagram account that is bursting with color. However, the contemporary art studio has a way of keeping its profile consistent so that it tells a cohesive and inspiring story.

Well, there you have it! Our 10 best picks for Instagram profiles in Asbury Park. If you’re looking to spice up your feed, definitely check them out.