Are you looking to make copies,
take coffee orders, and organize internal documents
into alphabetical order?

YEAH? Look elsewhere.

Here at SEMGeeks, we value your time and want you to gain the
most hands-on experience possible while getting your feet wet in
the digital industry.

SEMGeeks prides itself on
providing interns with the knowledge
and skillset to move further along and
grow as brand connoisseurs

You won't be making any copies or
taking coffee orders - you'll be crafting
marketing strategies, designing web
pages, and listening in on real-time
client phone calls.

In short, you'll be working on projects that matter and aiding the
team in various areas of your interest.

Whether you're a strategic thinker or
a creative artist, we can find a spot for you.

Internships are offered on both our digital marketing and web development teams.
Each opportunity is entirely unique and incredibly beneficial, as you’ll be learning
from our in-house experts. Leave it to the pros to show you the ropes, teach you
our procedures, and give you the freedom to create, engage, and explore.

Take a walk in our shoes.
Become a Geek today.