Higher .EDU Has Reached New Heights

Saying that SEMGeeks specializes in higher education digital strategies is an understatement.

Our extensive experience in Higher Education has afforded us the opportunity to collaborate with more than 60 institutions across the country.

Our higher ed team is well versed in the market and greatly understands the thought process of a potential and current student. We’ve expanded our EDU marketing arsenal, working with more schools and implementing new tactics, strategies and analysis to drive the best results. As the digital marketing realm continues to evolve, SEMGeeks stays ahead of the curve so that we can continue delivering the most comprehensive marketing campaigns to our clients.

Elevate Your Enrollment

The typical length of time it takes a student to make a decision for college is 3-9 months. Our strategies offer an effective way to get in front of that student early on in the decision making process.

We utilize various ad formats across the web while capturing data and educating students on what your school has to offer. As a college’s goal is to increase student enrollment, our goal is to put the most effective strategy in place for your institution to drive maximum results.

Social Engagement

Don't rely on one social network to be your voice.

Establish an effective strategy that will encapsulate the attention of those already interested in your institution and educate about the importance of the topic at hand. Social is your megaphone to potential and current students, Alumni and the surrounding community. Show that you are transparent and open to feedback in a bilateral network of communication.

Web Design

Differentiate your school from the competition: Your website is the face of your institution and should express what your school stands for.

The SEMGeeks design and development teams are on the cutting edge of technology, incorporating modern design techniques with the functionality that both you and your students need and expect.

SEMGeeks Higher Education Knowledge Center

Christina Diecidue
Marketing Project Coordinator
Social media has become a large part of the college admissions experience. Prospective students and their parents can research schools, view photos and videos of the campus, and even chat with the admissions department all from a single channel. Social media is not one-sided, though. Higher...
Nicole Krosnowski
Senior Designer
Need some inspiration for your new logo design? It’s never easy to come up with logos, but the higher education sector can be especially demanding. Colleges and universities have a difficult time distinguishing themselves as it is, which leaves logos looking similar, too. College logos must also...
Pete Schauer
Marketing Director
Here’s a fun fact to start your day: higher education institutions on Instagram have an average of 10 times the amount of interactions per post compared to on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Some say that it’s the most important social media network for recruiting students, with over...