Honoring the Legacy: NJDMC's Esteemed Alumni Speakers

Expressing our sincere appreciation to the distinguished speakers who have been an integral part of NJDMC's evolution. Your insights have been a driving force behind our success, and we deeply appreciate the wealth of knowledge shared over the years. 

Marketing Leaders from Top Global Brands speak at NJDMC


Suvajit Basu

Chief Information Officer, Goya Foods Inc

Mark Goldstein

Director, Client Strategy, Twitch

Javid Louis

Senior Brand Strategist, Twitter NEXT

Melissa Lynham

Social Media Manager, Ocean Casino Resort

Kristine Perillo

Director, Client Strategy Sales, Twitch

Billy Gold

Senior Agency Development Manager, Amazon


Mark Beal

Assistant Professor of Practice in Public Relations, Rutgers University

Jenna McLaughlin

Sr. Director, Global Services at Pendo

Rebecca Thiry

Executive Director of Marketing, Ocean Casino Resort

Alisha Mrugal

VP of Customer Operations, CentralReach

Billy Gold

Agency Solutions Manager, Facebook


Jared Christopherson

Co-Founder & CGO, OneOf

Ty Lingley

Director of Partnerships, Unbounce

Jason Swenk

Agency Growth Consultant & Advisor, Jason Swenk, Inc.

Dani Toth

Program Manager, Google


Patrick Stokes

Vice President, Product Management, Salesforce

Carmin Haynes

Principal Account Manager, Google

Alex Faherty

Co-Founder and CEO, Faherty Brand

Alexandra Cameron

Executive Vice President, iHeartMedia