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Search engine optimization

Voice search optimization

The way that people are searching for information online is rapidly changing. With the help of virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana, people have started using their smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices to search for information on the Internet. Why struggle to type on those small screens, when you can simply just ask your device a question, hands-free? With that said, the name of the SEO game has changed. As opposed to structured, one-word keywords, they should now be conversational, action-oriented phrases. Our SEO team will help your business generate new, voice-search optimized keywords and to give you better rankings.

Optimize your site for voice
Similar to writing content for people, content that is easy to read and comprehend will perform better for voice search. To optimize your site for voice, you need to keep in mind that keyword length is going to be longer due to the nature in which we speak. While you are only speaking to a smart device, the experience is still founded on our speaking tendencies.
FAQ pages
Bridge the connection between site content and voice search optimization with an FAQ page. These pages are a great place to house important, often-heard questions so that you can start ranking for the long-tail keywords in search. Research questions that your business is frequently asked, then offer short, informative answers.

“By 2020, 50% of all
searches will be
conducted via voice.”

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