Android Application Development

From photo sharing to games, SEMGeeks’ mobile application developers know the ins and outs of the Android operating system and are experts when it comes to Android Augmented Reality technology.

SEMGeeks has a wide variety of experience in developing applications for Android, integrating an interactive 3D environment with a strong emphasis on multi-touch capabilities.

Android Dev

Android devices come in all different screen sizes, screen pixel densities, flavors, OS versions, and just about anything else you can imagine.  Successfully developing an app that looks and functions consistently across this broad Android software/hardware spectrum may seem unthinkable but we here at SEMGeeks can do the impossible.  Okay, maybe it isn’t as hard as it sounds, but it’s no easy feat - we just make it easy for you. 

After working our development magic on your Android app we’ll have it on the fast track through the Google Play store and into the hands of the millions of Android users.

  • 70% worldwide market share
  • Around 50% US marketshare (iPhone is around 40%)