Mount Airy College Center

A Consortium Of Three Central Maryland Community Colleges.

They offer students the options of a health care degree, short term training or classes for updated certification in their area of expertise.

the challenge

To get qualified leads for a variety of specific health care programs that the Center is offering over the course of several months and to stress the convenience of getting that education close to home.


Web Strategyweb strategy

There were multiple new, customized landing pages created for this specific campaign. They were clean and modern and contained key points about the program along with a form to gather data for each prospective student.

Website Design

marketing plan

Marketing Plan

The SEMGeeks Marketing team devised a strategy...

We combined the custom landing page and banner creation along with online marketing and remarketing done through Google Adwords and Facebook. Specific keywords and websites were targeted in order to get the most direct, relevant traffic to the site. This, in turn, led to more qualified leads filling out the forms.

Web Development - Marketing Consulting

Check MarkThe results are in

The comprehensive, tailored marketing strategy that we used for this campaign led to over 60 qualified leads.

We tailored the campaign to assure that our ads were showing in optimal positions and were reasonably priced out for the Cost Per Click.

Mount Airy College Center was so pleased with the results that they extended the end date of the campaign for an additional month.

Additional Stats


clicks on Google


clicks on Facebook


Google impressions


Facebook impressions