Jersey Mike’s--one of the nation’s largest sandwich franchises, with more than 1,300 locations spanning across the U.S.--

approached SEMGeeks seeking a comprehensive digital marketing and branding strategy for its individual franchises.Jersey Mike’s partnership with SEMGeeks was twofold: to implement a digital strategy to promote new franchises and increase in-store traffic, and to develop a portal for potential and current employees to log into for application, scheduling and other company services. SEMGeeks’ integrated approach helped a multitude of Jersey Mike’s franchises become one of the most recognized brands in the U.S.

Web Development

Jersey Mike’s franchisees needed an area to keep its Human Resources affairs in order, so we developed a website that served as a login portal for potential and current employees.

Web Development - Jersey Mike's
Social Marketing Promotion

facebook promotion

We created a social marketing promotion to build individual Jersey Mike’s franchises’ following on Facebook and increase in-store traffic.

Users who clicked on the Facebook ads were taken to a customized app tab on the franchise’s Facebook page where they had to “Like” the page before receiving a coupon good for a free sub. Each franchise who ran the promo saw anywhere from 750 to 1,500 in-store transactions from the social marketing campaign. These hyper-targeted campaigns around individual franchise locations allowed marketing dollars to be tracked in the most effective way.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing:

To complete our full digital approach with Jersey Mike’s individual franchisees, we utilized pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns to increase in-store traffic, and ultimately, Jersey Mike’s bottom line.

Working on Google’s Display Network, we showed visually engaging banner ads to a targeted demographic, enticing them with coupons and offers to get them into the store. For those who didn’t convert at first, they continued to see our brand message in front of them on a multitude of other websites through the power of remarketing. Staying top of mind to their customers helped Jersey Mike’s franchises increase brand awareness and boost ROI.

Pay Per Click Marketing - Conversion Rate Graph

Click-conversion rate- 82.86%

Fresh Results

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Facebook engagement


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