The Team

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The Team

Chris Delany "boss man"

Partner | Marketing Director

Favorite Food? Plural: Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, BBQ...I eat everything and am always willing to try something new :).

Favorite Vacation Spot? I need to find one.

A Thought On Technology? The constant innovation of technology and seeing how it effects our every day lives.


Martin Birdsall "Bird"


Phone of Choice? iPhone

Favorite Beer? Budweiser

Favorite Vacation Spot? Italy

Favorite Food? Steak and Potatoes

A Thought On Technology? Business @ The Speed of Thought. The innovation in technology has been the biggest change agent out there and it is what makes globalization work.The most meaningful way to differentiate our company from our competition, is to do an outstanding job with information...How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose.  The most valuable commodity I know of is information.



Brian Califano "chunk or B"

Partner | Creative Director

Favorite Vacation Spot? Puerto Rico and Jamaica

A Thought On Technology? It's a fad.

Phone of Choice? iPhone

Favorite Blog?



Mark Johnson "The Professor"

VP of Development

Favorite Food? Mexican, hibachi, steak and mashed potatoes.

Browser of Choice? Chrome

Search Engine? Google

Favorite Beer? Sam Adams Winter Lager



Pete Schauer "Petey Pablo"

Digital Marketing Manager

Favorite Food? Pizza, Mexican, Hot Wings

Favorite Part of Being a SEMGeek? Being able to educate clients on digital trends and helping their ideas come to life and business grow...And watching Paul stroke his beard.

Search Engine? Google. Is there anything else?

Spirit Animal? White Duck.


John Albin "The Pun-isher"

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Favorite Food? Mexican, Indian, Chinese

Favorite Part of Being a SEMGeek? Being able to call myself a geek professionally. Also, free pens.

Favorite Vacation Spot? England. 

A Thought On Technology? It's evolving faster than humans.



Paul Schetelich "Pauly"

Design Manager

Favorite Part of Being a SEMGeek? The fact that you learn something new everyday.

Phone of Choice? iPhone

Favorite Beer? Sam Adams Winter Lager.

Favorite Movie Quote? "So you're saying there's a chance." -Dumb and Dumber



Alison Milone "Milton"

Digital Marketing Specialist for Higher Education

Favorite Part of Being a SEMGeek Learning new things every day

Favorite Vacation Spot? Tahiti and Bora Bora

A Thought On Technology? Don't be afraid of it...and make sure your kids don't know more about it than you!

Favorite Movie Quote? Sometimes people without brains do an awful lot of talking...The Wizard of Oz


Ryan Zukus "Regulus"

Senior Developer

Favorite Food? Salad with fresh leafy herbs, roast lamb, fresh-baked bread with olive oil, gourmet cheeses... anything high quality.

Favorite Part of Being a SEMGeek? I like the intellectual challenge of helping a company grow.

Phone of Choice? Samsung Galaxy Note

Favorite Candy? Green & Black's Maya Gold, Chocolate-covered coffee beans, and about half the Vosges Chocolate Bar line.



Mae-Yung Tang "Shinobi Illustrator"


Favorite Part of Being a SEMGeek The new experience of working creatively with a team and clients.

Favorite Vacation Spot? I would love to go back to China and also visit other countries like Japan.

A Thought On Technology? With all the technology around us, it’s amazing what can be accomplished. However, taking a small step back and doing things the old-fashion way can be a good breath of fresh air and reminder of how we were before technology evolved.

Favorite Movie Quote? Ah, putrefaction! - Sherlock Holmes



James Geiger "J"

Developer Manager

Favorite Part of Being a SEMGeek? Having the opportunity to work with great talent and learn every day.
Browser of Choice? Safari
Phone of Choice? iPhone
Favorite Movie Quote? "The leads are weak."



Hans Marcelino Hanselino


Favorite Part of Being a SEMGeek? Learning from people I find myself admiring and share many laughs with.
Favorite Vacation Spot? The Philippines
A Thought On Technology? Technology will always evolve. But design makes the difference.
Browser of Choice? Internet Explorer (just kidding)
Phone of Choice? iPhone
Favorite Movie Quote? "Internet! Is that thing still going around?"



Kathleen Chen "killa kath"

Digital Media Specialist

Favorite Part of Being a SEMGeek? Constantly learning from my brilliant coworkers and being able to contribute to something that delivers positive results for our clients

Favorite Vacation Spot? Singapore, Japan, Taiwan

Favorite Blog? Buzzfeed...such a stereotypical Millennial response

Favorite Movie Quote? "I don't even know what that means, but it sounds almost as peculiar as you look." - Downton Abbey



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