Link Acquisition

Did you know that search engines such as Google are continuously monitoring and evaluating the links pointing to
your site?

In addition to having great content, another key area of rankings is to have a balanced and natural looking link portfolio. Generally speaking, a link is a direct connection from one site to another via hypertext. Simple enough.

Google’s original formula for ranking a website was heavily geared toward how many websites were linking to it. After all, what better way to determine a site’s value than to count up how many other sites were vouching for you?

Sooner or later, webmasters began to create mass quantities of links in an effort to quickly manipulate their search rankings. This lasted for some time until Google began to crack down on these practices, known as “black hat SEO”, assigning drastic penalties to sites with large numbers of spam links.

An organic process.

The SEMGeeks SEO process does not incorporate any such “black hat” tactics and is designed to be an organic process, over time, to achieve long-term rankings. Shortcuts to rank simply do not work, and our team stays on top of all best practices to ensure that our process is well received by Google and other search engines.

Contact us today to learn more how SEMGeeks can strengthen your site’s positioning in natural search, in turn helping you to increase your client base and, eventually, sustain a positive ROI.

SEMGeeks Marketing Knowledge Center

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