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Pete Schauer
Marketing Director
Calls to action (CTAs) are important because they attract attention and tell users what to do next. If your higher institution wants prospective students to download an ebook or attend a webinar, you must guide them toward this action. Otherwise, they won’t know what to do. Not all CTAs are created...
Pete Schauer
Marketing Director
SEMGeeks is excited to announce that we will be at the NCMPR National Conference in Las Vegas, Sunday-Tuesday, March 18-20. If you will be in the area, stop by and visit us! If you won’t, follow us on our social media channels for live updates. We look forward to networking with community college...
Chris Delany
Small businesses are booming, with no signs of slowing down. Since 1990, small businesses have brought 8 million jobs to the U.S. economy. Big businesses, on the other hand, have lost 4 million jobs due to outsourcing and moving overseas. Recent statistics show that small business owners are...
John Berry
Senior Developer
CSS front-end frameworks come in all shapes and sizes. The packages contain pre-written standardized code, saving time and headaches on web development projects. You can be assured that everything works the way it should because the code has been pre-tested. It’s also easier to meet project...
Pete Schauer
Marketing Director
Social advertising is a type of advertising that uses social media to communicate with customers. And, it’s exploding. Thanks to the advanced targeting options, advertisers can gather a large amount of data and target users in unique ways. Rather than relying on traditional demographic and...
Robert Wheat
Senior PPC Strategist
In February, Google Chrome rolled out a new feature that blocks ads on certain websites. These sites are mostly ones that engage in annoying behaviors like autoplaying sound or displaying ads for a certain length of time. Google is penalizing these sites and filtering through all ads that appear on...