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James Geiger
Lead Developer
Once you create an app for your business, the work isn’t done. You must maintain and support the app to ensure the best experience possible. Think about the apps on your phone and how often they update. Some have updates as frequently as once a week while others get refreshers once a month. How...
Christina Diecidue
Marketing Project Coordinator
Recruiting students online can appear to be a straightforward process of an informative website, great content and compelling ads. But, a successful online student recruitment strategy is so much more than this. It requires a strong online presence and consistent, authentic messaging that is built...
Jennifer Barker
Business Development Strategist
Building websites is a rewarding experience, but there are always those projects that just don’t seem to go right. Whether it was a lack of communication on the client’s part or too many assumptions on yours, it ends up hurting your bottom line. Not only do you have to constantly return to the...
Nicole Krosnowski
Senior Designer
Millions of people delve into blogs every day with the hopes of being entertained, inspired, or informed. With so many blog columns on the internet, readers narrow down their choices based on small but powerful details, such as image quality and page layout. Here at SEMGeeks, we read a lot of blogs...
Pete Schauer
Marketing Director
Facebook Insights tells you a lot about how your pages and posts are performing. But, did you know that by exporting this data, you can learn even more about your Facebook community? With the appropriate information in your hands, you can make strategic, data-driven decisions. The next time you’re...
Robert Wheat
PPC Strategist
The holiday season is upon us! People are scrambling to buy the perfect gifts for their loved ones, driving more traffic to big box retailers. This is a crucial time, as many physical stores have struggled to keep their sales up with the rise of online shopping. According to Fung Global Retail and...