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Nicole Krosnowski
Senior Designer
So. You aren’t a professional designer. Yet you were still asked to design something. You’re honored - no doubt - but things like white space, alignment and pixels have you way outside your comfort zone. Is there a way that you can pull off a great design without looking like a rookie? You’re in...
Pete Schauer
Marketing Director
Think content strategies are just for retailers and ecommerce businesses? Content marketing strategies are just as important for your higher institution. By having a clear strategy, you can target prospective students with meaningful, relevant content. It’s even more powerful when the content is...
James Geiger
Lead Developer
404 pages don’t have to suck. Rather than bringing visitors to a standard error page, you can use this as an opportunity to acknowledge the person, apologize for the inconvenience and direct them to a more helpful page on your website. Not sure how to turn this roadblock into something fun and...
Chris Delany
Last year, Black Friday ecommerce sales set a new record of $3.34 billion. It’s clear that people are trading in the long lines and crowds of people for a more enjoyable shopping experience at home. On their couch. With turkey leftovers. I couldn’t agree more. Knowing that there are billions of...
Jennifer Barker
Senior Business Development Strategist
Have you considered adding live chat to your website? Live chat is one of the quickest ways to help customers and nudge them in the right direction. I love when I’m shopping online and greeted by someone who asks, “How can I help you?” It’s a lot better than getting an automated response that says...
Tayllor Gomez-Spillane
Senior SEO Strategist
Digital marketing trends change more than East Coast weather. As confusing and frustrating as it can be trying to keep up with all the changes, I try to look at them as opportunities to improve campaigns and stay ahead of competitors. Plus, keeping on my toes gives me the motivation to find new and...