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Chris Delany
This time of the year can put a damper on creativity levels. Many of the days are still cloudy and cool, limiting the ability to get outdoors and soak in the fresh sun and air. Aside from a vacation (if you take one), there’s not much else to break up the weeks in the working world. It can feel...
Christina Diecidue
Marketing Project Coordinator
A canvas collage for vibrant and creative images, Instagram has taken off as one of the largest social media platforms with nearly 600 million active monthly users. Just trailing Facebook and YouTube as the most visited social networking site, the visual app allows users to completely brand their...
Christina Diecidue
Marketing Project Coordinator
Are you interested in improving technology on your campus? What about everything that you have invested so far? Should you throw it out the window and start from scratch? If certain areas of your higher institution are underperforming because of a lack of technology, there’s no reason to scrap...
Tayllor Gomez-Spillane
SEO Strategist
User experience and SEO share the same space, and therefore, must learn to get along. It’s not an easy relationship because pleasing both the search engines and users requires different approaches. What may look great in the design world can end up hurting SEO efforts, and vice versa. In this post...
Pete Schauer
Marketing Director
An open office layout isn’t the most attractive setup. It brings everyone together in an obvious way, which can be loud, messy and disorganized. The noise and clutter can limit a person’s ability to be creative and imaginative, and there’s not much privacy to handle important phone calls or...
Paul Schetelich
Lead Designer
An effective way to increase your rankings in the search engines is to have good site structure. Every website has some type of structure, but whether it’s good or not is an entirely different story. You could have a website that has a neat and organized structure, or you could have one that is a...