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Robert Wheat
PPC Strategist
Do you remember the days when a generic email blast was enough to impress customers? Today, this is not the case. Consumers want content that speaks to them on a personal level. And, it’s understandable. When one of our favorite brands takes the time to learn about our needs, we’re more likely to...
Nicole Krosnowski
Many relationships exist solely online, which means that we never hear the real voice of the other person. When you take the human element out of a conversation, it’s easy to misconstrue a simple sentence. You’ve probably found yourself in situations where you weren't sure what to make of an email...
Tayllor Gomez-Spillane
SEO Strategist
If you ever feel frustrated by content marketing, you are not alone. Many marketers struggle with measuring ROI, performing keyword research, and ranking well in the search engines. It’s frustrating to develop content, only to learn that it’s not driving the traffic or results you had expected....
Nicole Krosnowski
The design world is constantly evolving. In fact, today’s trends might already be yesterday’s news! Many design trends relate to advances in technology. Technology changes the way we communicate, learn information, and lead our everyday lives. It also plays a crucial role in web design. You’ve...
Pete Schauer
Marketing Director
With fall just around the corner, students are eagerly getting ready for college. Across the board, student enrollment has been on the decline since 2010, but there is good news on the horizon. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, undergraduate enrollment is expected to...
Christina Diecidue
Marketing Project Coordinator
Google Play and the Apple App Store share over 2 million apps. While this is great for consumers, the competition for app developers is steep. It’s easy to feel defeated when you’ve poured your heart and soul into developing a great app, only to find that it results in low downloads and low ROI....